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Netspring Green IT Classrooms

Program Purpose

NETSPRING, with its “Green IT Classrooms” program, is committed to protect environment and help underprivileged kids by developing the recycling economy, creating shared value between developed and under-developed Chinese areas and helping vulnerable groups such as poverty-stricken students or people with disabilities.


Program Origin

More than 50 million Chinese students in under-developed rural areas have no access to computers or other modern ways of communication. They are longing for opportunities to learn more and widen their horizon. More than 5 million obsolete computers in China make it an urgent task to collect and dismantle these e-wastes in a professional way. The researches show that parts of such obsolete computers are still in good working conditions and could be reused for another 3 to 5 years after appropriate refurbishment.

The statistics indicates that under the premise of meeting the same requirements from teachers and students, the cost of building a computer classroom with refurbished computers is just 1/5 to 1/4 of the cost using new computers. Under the crisis of scarce resources, energy and fund, the program is worth of demonstrating and promoting.


Special programs and events are coming soon:

  • Online English lessons
  • Video-tech 
  • Environmental protection awareness activities (around water savings, organic planting,...)