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Information Sharing

  • Visually impaired children benefit from acquiring new skills and digital abilities thus opening them new doors that would have closed to them had nothing been done, such as typing an article on a computer!

  • Netspring alongside with Bayer set up an IT classroom in a school located in Taicang city. This semester, teachers introduced the children to the renowned program Scratch designed by MIT media lab whilst Netspring provided the teaching materials.

  • “I've known Netspring program for a long time, and I think it is very good to contribute to a greener environment and bring technology learning opportunities to the under-privileged children in China.”
  • “We are especially happy to support Netspring Green IT Classrooms, since this program promotes both environmental protection and digital inclusion of underprivileged children in China. Our teams were pleased to work on a project using eco-friendly material and process and also allowing us to support local initiatives and to give back to society around us. With Netspring, DIAM shows its commitment to be “In Motion for the Planet” and “In Motion for Society”."

    M. Stephane Michel Grosjean, DIAM ASIA CEO


  • Innovation is definitely in Netspring’s DNA. We are proud to announce that we have implemented successful pilots in Distance Digital Workshops. Over the past month, we have conducted several tests in PwC‘s two Green IT Classrooms in Sichuan to finalize the evaluation of the functional performance.
  • On May 25th, Edwards volunteers and Netspring team made a revisit trip to a migrant school in Shanghai and organized Green Energy & Environmental Protection Awareness activities for almost 40 students. Netspring team also did the onsite inspection of Edwards Green IT classroom and replaced a broken desktop with a spare one.
    Netspring team was delighted to attend Bayer’s Public Welfare Innovation and Social Enterprise Investment Exchange conference in Shanghai to share our missions and achievements with Celina Chew - Chairman Bayer, Boyong Yuan - Senior Manager of Bayer CSE & Sustainability, Marc Buckley - UN SDG advocate & Guru Social Entrepreneur Impact Innovator and all the inspiring social enterprise representatives attended. 
  • After establishing Owens Corning Green IT Classrooms in Hangzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou, on April 17th, Owens Corning unveiled its 4th Green IT Classroom in Xi'an. A grand welcome ceremony was held in the school in presence of local government. The school authority and students expressed their great appreciation to Owens Corning for its timely and helpful support in IT education. 

  • "We chose to visit Netspring as it is a beautiful example of putting the circular economy to use. On top of that you also have a large social impact which is inspiring to us! ”
    Foreign Relations, SSU Foundation
  • On March 12th, Netspring team delivered its first European speech in Frankfurt, Germany at the International Frankfurt Rotaract Club. The presentation not only presented Netspring programs but also broader environmental challenges in China and the world.
    Club members were very interested and the president of the International Frankfurt Rotaract Club - Ms. Laura Ștefana Mojilian shared, “While having received an insightful overview of the recycling situation in China, it is to our belief that Netspring represents a balanced solution towards responsibly managing waste and equally supporting children into their educational endeavors, as well as on their path to a better, healthier and up to date world.”