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Information Sharing

  •  On the morning of November 15th, Edwards Lifesciences group successfully set up a Green IT Classroom equipped with 25 desktop computers in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai. The company also gave gifts to the school such as badminton rackets, basketballs and other sports equipment. This opening marks the 66th Netspring Green IT Classroom across 14 provinces in China.

  • The 2016 China International Circular Economy Exhibition opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing. The exhibition is jointly sponsored by the China Circular Economy Association and the China International Trade Center, the theme of which is "innovation driven development of a circular economy in order to build resource recycling technology and equipment, and a trading platform to promote exchange and cooperation between enterprises, promote technological innovation, and enhance the standards of circular economy.”

    As a resource recycling social enterprise, Netspring representatives participated at the exhibition, exchanging with a number of companies and research institutions in the same industry. At the exhibition, Netspring promoted its Green IT classroom project of recycling old company computers for migrant schools.

  • On November 24th, volunteers from Owens Corning plant based in Tianjin, travelled to Bozhi Primary School for Migrants in Changping district, Beijing to carry out a revisit activity in the Owens Corning Green IT classroom at the school. The Owens Corning volunteers held a fun lesson relating to water conservation. By means of an informative IT class and video, followed by a handicraft activity where a bio-filter was made using recycled plastic bottles, it is hoped that the students went away with an increased awareness of environmental protection and water conservation.

  • On 21st November, Christian Dior, in partnership with Netspring Green IT Classroom Program successfully set up a Green IT Classroom at Chenchun Primary school in the Songjiang district of Shanghai. The classroom was equipped with 25 desktop computers and headsets, mice, keyboards and other accessories. This program aimed at giving underprivileged students equal access to IT facilities, and the opportunity to master new technology.

  • On Nov 17th, as part of its FUELS program, Faurecia built its 5th Green IT classroom, in Jiashan elementary school in Liaoyuan, Jilin province. After Shanghai, Suzhou, Hubei Macheng, and Chengdu, Faurecia opened its first Green IT Classroom in North-eastern area in China. Now, Faurecia have covered all its operating areas with one Green IT Classroom. Since inception of the Green IT program in China, Faurecia has supported more than 4000 Chinese underprivileged children to achieve better education facilities.

  • Netspring is going to join in the China International Circular Economy Exhibition (CCE) which is to be held in China for the first time .


    Date: Nov 23 (周三)- Nov 25(周五)

    Time: 9:00-17:00

    Venue: China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

    Netspring booth number: C11b.


    The 2016 CCE in Beijing has won the support from nearly 100 foreign and domestic industry associations relating to circular economy. 

    Netspring is going to present our Green IT Classroom program to local communities by means of this exhibition and to arouse people's awarenesss of benefits from e-waste recyling.

  • In order to encourage schools to use computers and stimulate students creativity  we are launching a national wide coding contest among all schools equipped with green IT classroom. The contest will consist in designing a video game on the open source kid friendly coding software Scratch.
    (screenshot from Scratch official website)
    We already have or will soon provide interested schools with training material and step by step guidebook.
    Best creations will be awarded by the end of the academic year 2016/2017.
  • In a joint project with Netspring Social Enterprise, Blessing Hands have set up a Green IT classroom for under-privileged migrant students at Du'an Special Education School, Guangxi Province on October 10, 2016. This is also the 65th classroom Netspring set up in China. The classroom will give school the students at the school an opportunity to use computers to help their studies, and as the school has a fast internet connection, the students will now have access to information from the outside world. 
    This project is part of a larger mission of Blessing Hands to support children with disabilities in China who are often overlooked by society and confronted by the problems of unemployment, poor living conditioins, difficulties in social integration, and obstacles to accessing information.
  • On October 26th, volunteers from the International Association of Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) and their member companies along with the Netspring team, made a revisit trip to Wuxi to carry out a water conservation awareness activity with the students at Wuxi Qinghe Primary School, where AICM have set up a Green IT Classroom. The volunteers led a lesson designed by Thirst For Water, a Shanghai based NGO that promotes water awareness and conservation among students in China. The activity began with an IT class, followed by a handicraft activity where students made a bio-filter from reused plastic bottles. The event was a huge success and greatly contributed to the awareness and importance of water conservation and environmental protection among the students. 
  • On the morning of October 20th, Rexel gave Shui Kou Miao Primary School in Li Jiazhen town, Henan Province 20 computers, successfully setting up a Green IT Classroom. The company has also previously donated a PV generator, and solar water heater to the school, as well as 20,000RMB worth of teaching materials and items for daily use. 
    At 9:20am on the morning, more than and 30 Rexel volunteers, under the support of Netspring, arrived at the gates of Shui Kou Miao Primary School to hold an opening ceremony to mark the official opening of the new IT classroom. Rexel’s team leader, Cai Yongze, delivered a speech a touching speech during the ceremony, in which he encouraged the children study hard and strive for excellence in their studies and in their character.