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Information Sharing

  • On October 26th, volunteers from the International Association of Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) and their member companies along with the Netspring team, made a revisit trip to Wuxi to carry out a water conservation awareness activity with the students at Wuxi Qinghe Primary School, where AICM have set up a Green IT Classroom. The volunteers led a lesson designed by Thirst For Water, a Shanghai based NGO that promotes water awareness and conservation among students in China. The activity began with an IT class, followed by a handicraft activity where students made a bio-filter from reused plastic bottles. The event was a huge success and greatly contributed to the awareness and importance of water conservation and environmental protection among the students. 
  • On the morning of October 20th, Rexel gave Shui Kou Miao Primary School in Li Jiazhen town, Henan Province 20 computers, successfully setting up a Green IT Classroom. The company has also previously donated a PV generator, and solar water heater to the school, as well as 20,000RMB worth of teaching materials and items for daily use. 
    At 9:20am on the morning, more than and 30 Rexel volunteers, under the support of Netspring, arrived at the gates of Shui Kou Miao Primary School to hold an opening ceremony to mark the official opening of the new IT classroom. Rexel’s team leader, Cai Yongze, delivered a speech a touching speech during the ceremony, in which he encouraged the children study hard and strive for excellence in their studies and in their character. 
  • On Oct 21st, 2016, Beaumanoir Group supported a new Green IT Classroom “Cache-Cache Green IT classroom” in Luxu Gaoxin Primary School in Wujiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, with 20 refurbished computers equipped there. This classroom marks the second Green IT Classroom Beaumanoir Group has supported from 2013. Around 1150 students of this school now have access to a better IT education.

  • In this golden autumn season,  a special new academic year came to Yichun Xilin Primary School in North China's Heilongjiang Province.

    3 years ago, the Yichun Xilin primary school, with the help of Netspring, had a Green IT classroom set up. Over the past 3 years, the students and the computer teacher in the school made full use of this IT classroom by holding computer classes almost every week. Through several semesters of study, the students not only learned the basic operation skills of the computer, but also increased their interest in learning advanced and dynamic scientific knowledge.

    At the beginning of this year, the IT classroom is about to expire at the end of its 3-year service term. Knowing that, the teachers and the students were reluctant to part. "Is there any way to keep this computer room, and let us continue to learn?" The school teachers and students asked the Netspring staff.

  • September 13, 2016, Freudenberg Corporation successfully set up a green IT classroom in Qixin School in Wujiang District, Suzhou. This is also the 64th IT classroom Netspring has established in China.

    Local TV station reported this event. Click here to watch the video.

  • September 13, 2016, Freudenberg Corporation successfully set up a green IT classroom in Qixin School in Wujiang District, Suzhou. This is also the 64th IT classroom Netspring has established in China.

    Bettina Schoen,  Regional Representative Asia for the Freudenberg Group , and CEO of Freudenburg Asia Pacific Region, Retro Bless, led a dozen of volunteers from Freudenberg Shanghai and Suzhou offices to join in the launch ceremony along with 620 students and teachers at the school.

    Bettina Schoen who is from Germany, delivered a fluent speech in Chinese during the ceremony. She expressed hope that the classroom, equipped with 25 recycled computers from Freudenberg company, would be put to good use by holding voluntary activities over the next 3 years and that it would help students master computer skills and cultivate an eco-friendly concept.

  • In the new fall semester, we will cooperate with enterprises and foundations to build up new Green IT Classrooms in different areas including Guangxi, Shaanxi and Jiangzu provinces. Above 2000 students are estimated to be benefited.

    Besides, the IT courseware and Scratch contest will be introduced to the Green IT Classrooms as well to ensure students learn to use computers in an effective way. 

  • In the first 6 months of this year, Netspring received 840 unused desktops and laptops and refurbished 25% among them. Most of the refurbished computers have already been sent to IT classrooms in schools for use, and the rest are waiting for delivery to schools in the new fall semester. Besides, there are another 443 computers waiting for test and refurbish, and the successfully refurbished computers will be sent to Green IT Classroom as well. 

    The electronic goods that cannot be refurbished were and will be all dismantled in an eco-friendly way by qualified professionals.

    To make it convenient, Netspring started in the second quarter to open our office on the last Saturday of every month to receive unused electronic goods from individuals and enterprises.

  • An engineer from Argentina, Rodolfo Cossovich, collaborated with Netspring to launch a pilot class of teaching pupils to use Scratch® coding software in a migrant school in Taicang. The teaching program lasted for 3 days in Sangang Elementary School, Taicang. . Over 10 students from Grade 4 and Grade 5 in the school joined in the program and learnt to create basic computer games built on stories and animations they had designed themselves using the software. The experience proved to be invaluable in terms of teaching and learning during this pilot program and has better prepared Netspring with the planning of its nationwide Scratch coding contest to be launched across the schools in which it had Green IT classrooms in October this year.

  • Netspring went to Yioulai Shopping Street in Suzhou for a 2-day donation drive activity open to Amcham members in Suzhou area. This joint activity has been held for several years between Netspring and Amcham. The used or spare electronic goods donated by Amcham members such as computers, projectors, and screens have been put into use in dozens of green IT classrooms across China. Following the success of 2015 drive, AmCham and Netspring decided to open more dropping points and to run the drive on 2 days instead of one.

    In the previous three years collaborating with AmCham, Netspring has received over 1235 used computers, refurbished 827 sets of computers, and supported 30 schools and community centers by setting up Green IT Classrooms for about 13694 underprivileged students. In addition, the e-waste has been properly handled and recycled in an eco-friendly manner to prevent any harm to the environment.