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  • In 2014, Bayer China joined hands with Netspring and set up “Bayer Green IT Classroom” in Taicang Hengli Primary School, which facilitated the school with computers for each student in one IT class, with also three years of follow up and maintenance. 
    Almost all the kids are from migrant families, so in order to bring more companionship and warmth to the kids and to know them better, volunteers from 7 different Bayer branches gathered together in Shanghai on 29th, Nov 2015 and came to Hengli Primary School for volunteer activity with funds raised among the employees.
  • ANT FINANCIAL supported Netspring setup 3 Green IT Classrooms in Zunyi, Guizhou province
    2015-11-23 Netspring IT Manager Du Pingping
    2015-11-23 Netspring setup 3 Geen IT Classrooms in Maoshi Town & Zhima Town, Zunyi, Guizhou province. The schools are built and supported in the past few years by local government and other charity organizations, which boasted new computer classrooms without computers.
  • November 20, 2015 In the morning, Faurecia FOURTH Green IT Classroom and Faurecia art classroom were setup in Donghua Yucai School in Hi-tech zone, Chengdu. 
    The guests attending this opening ceremony included: Kathy Sun, Vice President from Faurecia China Human Resource; Mrs. Carolin Miedreich, Faurecia Volunteers Ambassador; Chia-Lin Coispeau, Maverlinn Partner, Maverlinn Art Classroom and Netspring Green IT Classroom Program; Netspring team; and Pricipal LI Guang from Chengdu Donghuayucai School. After the ceremony, 20 corporate volunteers and two classes of kids in school together had two very special classes. 
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    Last Friday, StoraEnso together with Netspring setup one Green IT Classroom in Jiashan Chenqiao Primary School. There are 569 kids and 24 teachers in the school, most of the kids are from migrant workers' family, some of their parents are working in StoraEnso Jiashan factory. StoraEnso is a company for innovation. Just as CEO, Mr.Karl-henrik Sundstrom mentioned, there is innovation everywhere! StoraEnso cooperated with Netspring Green IT Classroom program, as an innovative way to combine company's social resposiblilty with volunteering to create shared value and happiness amony employees and school teachers and kids.

  • During revisit in this June, we find the school have lots of big outdated and malfunctional CRT screens. To help the kids to have better multi-media class and also prevent school from mis-disposal of the e-waste, we discussed with school and provided refurbished LCD to replace 7 CRTs, which were brought back to eco-dismantling in Shanghai in this Oct..
    Also new Math, Mandarin and English software were installed on the computers to support interactive teaching. We will track student progress during next visit.
    Supporting does not mean cheap and free, cheap and free can't support sustainedly! In order to have a better future, Netspring Green IT Classroom program worth your support!
  • After 1 year running already, we could notice that computers really brought something to students; that much that school decided to open the IT classroom after regular class time! Teacher MeiXiangHuan(梅向环) made himself available to supervise those evening classes and give more opportunities for kids to practice their IT skills and discover the world though internet.

  • Jacqueline Green IT Classroom --Taicang Sangang Primary School
    The local Education Bureau supported the school with 26 hosts in the beginning of 2015, together with  Jacqueline Green IT Classroom's 21 computers, now the school has a big IT classroom which can basically meet the target of one kid one computer during IT class. The IT classroom is in good state and has greatly improved the efficiency of teaching. The school has14 classes and more than 700 students, of which from grade 3 to grade 6, all the classes will have a computer class each week. In addition, all the school kids will have safety class in the IT classroom. It also used as multi-media classroom to diversify the way of teaching.
    Hogan Lovells Green IT Classroom -- Taicang Hongjin Primary School
  • In this summer, Netspring helped one youth program of China House (中南屋) to setup the first Green IT Classroom in Kenya, Africa.  The Green IT Classroom is in one orphanage named Raha Kids, and there are 75 kids in it. They have computer class from 2pm to 4pm every Wednesday to Saturday. The youth program common good exchanged 15 computers from us, we helped to install Ubuntu English system and GCompris education application. We also committed to provide 3 years' online maintenance to all the computers and hoped, as always,  with our support the youth program could realize its social resposibility target by helping the kids. After 3 years, the youth program committed to have all the computers eco-recycled by liscenced recycling plant in Kenya.



  • On September 18th, 2015, PwC joined hands with Netspring to set up the first "PwC Green IT Classroom” in XinCitang Primary School and DongFanghong Primary School, located in Gaoping, Nanchong. PwC provided 48 green refurbished computers to the schools and made the computer dream of 100 children come true.

    One day before the event, PwC volunteers participated in the training held by Netspring. In the training, they shared knowledge and tips on how to communicate with the children and how to have meaningful communication while presenting the courseware. In the discussion session, volunteers from PwC were actively involved and raised their own ideas. After the session, the volunteers started to prepare their own course wares. Volunteers' enthusiasm, patience, led to the success of the activities.