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Information Sharing

  • 【Background】

    On July 2014, DOW Chemical corporated with Netspring on Donation Drive event through AmCham Shanghai. Lots of DOW employees brought their e-waste from home attended the event. As Rachel, the PA manager of DOW Chemical said, the recycling and reuse of the obsolete e-equipment provide us an opportunity to better the world in this fast-moving consumer goods era. DOW Chemical hope to support Netspring as a sustainable platform so to provide more environment friendly activities for the others, and DOW Chemical hope to do this as an annual internal event.

    【2015 DOW Chemical Earth Day】

    From April 20, 2015 to April 24th, DOW Chemical in Zhang Jiang Office Area supported by Netspring Green IT classroom program, hold the "Earth Day - Green Week"  serial activities.:

  • Jiazewan primary school in Yunnan province is the first school got support from Netspring Green IT Classroom program by crowd funding. (Click here to read the stroy: 第一所众筹支持的山里学校) For Netspring, this case becomes really encouraging and inspiring, we find another school in our database which is in real needs of informatizition to start another crowd funding campaign. (Click here to read more about the school: 众筹!加油中!)

  • 【Background】

    On the morning of 4th June, 2013, the primary school children of Shuangbo village, a remote rural area of Chongqing, had a glimpse of the magic power of computers for the first time in their life and received an IT classroom filled with 23 refurbished computers. Bayer China supported Netspring to build the IT classroom.

    On June, 2014, again Bayer China supported Netspring to setup one Green IT Classroom for Hengli migrant school in Taicang.

    This year, we  would like to collect and recycle unused electronics to help the children in remote rural area. Meanwhile we will also have a Green Day volunteer activity for the second Bayer Green IT Classroom in TaiCang HengLi migrant children school.

    【The Event】

  • Despite the growth and reforms in areas as diverse as agriculture, education and medical care, many social and evnironmental issues have emerged that can threaten the well-being of individuals and have global implications. At the same time, a small group of people relentlessly work across China and the world to systematically address those challenges. The small group of people are social entrepreneurs. Netpring was one of them, Ms.Chia-Lin, the co-founder of the Green IT Classroom program, was invited to share Netspring story with a group of passionate, dynamic and entrepreneurial women on Dec. 21 in Fudan University.

  • On Nov. 14th, Glamour-Sales setup the first Green IT Classroom in Yuhang Yulei Migrant school (Yunhe campus), Zhejiang province. Mr. Pierre Dupond, General Manager of Full Price Division, together with 3 corporate volunteers attended the opening ceremony and after the ceremony, they had the first IT class with kids from Grade 4. All of them had a happy moment with kids in the school.

    Please click here to FEEL and ENJOY with us!

  • Last year, ALCOA in collaboration with Netspring Social Enterprise, setup the first “ALCOA Green IT Classroom” in Yucai Migrant School, Suzhou. With the continuous support from ALCOA and Netspring team, all the kids in the school not only have IT class in the Green IT Classroom but also have class meetings and virtue classes. Even online training for the teachers will use this IT classroom. In the past whole year, there are more than 1000 kids in school benefited from the IT Classroom. And this year (Nov. 2014), ALCOA continuously supported Yucai by setting up volunteering base, and  10 ALCOA Green Multimedia Classrooms as well as establishing “Yucai drum team”.

    The leaders of Alcoa Wheel Products Suzhou, as well as the principal of the school, attended the opening ceremony. In addition, the volunteers from ALCOA and Netspring gave the students an interesting handicraft class.

  • On October 29th, 2013, PerkinElmer has setup the 3rd "PerkinElmer Green IT Classroom" for migrant school in Taicang city。Taicang Yaohua Migrant school has 6 grade and more than 50 kids per class. There are about 1000 kids and 45 teachers in school, most of the teachers are graduated from college. The original IT classroom has used for years, total 25 computers with CRT screen. Normally 2 or 3 kids use one computer in the IT class. 

    With the support from PerkinElmer, Netspring provide computers together with their new computers assigned by local government, every kid could use one computer during IT class.The basic configuration: DELL E-6400/CPU:CORE-P8600/2G meory/160G harddisk/31 refurbished computers/Ubuntu system

  • Last Saturday (September 20), Netspring together with Synopsys organized one Hiking in Pudong Haiwan Forest park with 100 volunteers and 50 migrant school kids. All of us have successfully hiked 10 KM in the park and at the end of event we raised 7000 RMB (Synopsys will match the same amount later).

  • On September 10th, 2014, Air Liquide joined hands with Netspring to build the fifth "Air Liquide Green IT Classroom” in Da Baideng Hope School, located in Yang Gao, Datong. Air Liquide provided 35 green refurbished computers to the school and realized the children’s dream of learning how to use computers. This is another dedication of love from Air Liquide.

    Mr. Marcelo Fioranelli, President & CEO of Air Liquide China and the volunteers from Air Liquide Datong and Shanghai together with local government attended the opening ceremony.

    According to the actual situation of the used computers Air Liquide provided, there are 35 refurbished desktops were used to setup “Air Liquide IT Classroom” in Da Baideng Hope School. These 35 desktops were installed UBUNTU system.