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  • As a social enterprise, Netspring has a duty to help raise social awareness about environment protection and equal education opportunity. There is one old Chinese saying, a good neighbor is better than a brother far off. So we started from our own community and helped set up a Green IT Classroom for our local community center. Moreover, we reach out to university students to do more volunteering for elderly people in this community center and teach them how to use computers, which can improve their life quality.


    On June 20th, the opening ceremony was attended by Jinsong LIU, Macheng City Charity Federation Secretary, Sam XIA, Deputy General Manager of Faurecia China & Vice President, Faurecia Automotive Seating China Division, Mathias MIEDREICH, President of Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies Asia Division, Xunshi LUO, General Manager for Huazhang Automation, Rexel China’s Wuhan-based subsidiary, volunteers from both companies, as well as teachers and students from the school.


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  • On June 23rd 2014, staff of Netspring went to Lixin Country in Anhui Province to revisit Mingde and Guangqi Hope Primary schools in Daliji Town. The Green IT Classrooms there were supported by Air Liquide Hangzhou.

    Based on the feedback of computer classroom usage from school, Netspring staff examined and repaired the faulty computers and conducted maintenance for the others.  There was one power issue in the Guangqi IT Classroom, and a couple of mainboard problems in Mingde IT Classroom, some of which were swiftly resolved by the Netspring team, and the others are waiting for company's further support.

    The feedback of usage

  • On June 17, 2014, Netspring organized a knowledge sharing session about environment protection for Delphi employees in the local community center. Delphi contributed about 200 sets of obsolete computers and those who are successfully refurbished will be used in the Netspring Green IT Classroom program to support underprivileged kids. Delphi employees showed a lot of interest during the visit of the refurbishing workshop, and gained valuable understanding about the importance of eco-recycling for human lives.



  • On July 14, 2014, Shanghai Gas Group was proud to contribute IT equipment to Netspring’s program at the local community center. 19 League members from Shanghai Gas Group and its 5 branch units participated in the event.

    In the recent two weeks, Netspring receive 23 second-hand CRTs and 62 sets of obsolete desktops from Shanghai Gas Group. Among them, 16 CRTs have been successfully refurbished and the other e-waste has been eco-recycled by our licenced partner.

    Visit of our refurbishing workshop

    Knowledge sharing: let's create shared happiness

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