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  • Season’s Greetings and Thank You for Supporting Netspring Children!

    2018 has been a very busy year for Netspring team.

    On top of running our Green IT classrooms, visiting our schools and students, enhancing our teaching and volunteering programs, we have also launched the Netspring Green 3R Box to collect obsolete electronics as well as pursued our journey in fostering digital inclusion for the Visually Impaired.

  • On November 15th, 2018 Netspring won the European Chamber CSR Award in the SME/Social Enterprise category for Excellence in Responsible Innovation, which took place in Nanjing. We are grateful to all our sponsors and partners to have supported us in reaching this rewarding milestone. 

    In 2012, our founding vision and mission of supporting the digital education of underprivileged children, whilst supporting the circular economy by “Transforming e-waste into e-education” remains more than ever valid. 


    Technological Innovation is at the core of Faurecia’s Mission, “Inspiring Mobility”. Through the Green IT classrooms, we would like underprivileged children to learn and feel the power of technology and encourage them to explore the world to innovate.

    - Mr. François Tardif, President of Faurecia China

  • While thousands of scholars were preparing for their “Back to School”, September was also a busy month for Netspring Team who revisited schools and held an array of events. 

    For starters, PwC has decided to continue supporting two underprivileged schools in Sichuan province for an additional three years. Such a renewal not only underlines the prominence of “sustainable cycles” but also guarantees a more secure future for those children.

    Secondly, was held in partnership with Amcham Shanghai in Suzhou, a bewildering 10th Used Electronics Waste Drive. Thanks to the motivation and dedication of our supporters, Netspring team has collected a ground-breaking number of computers.

  • This August 1st, Netspring has launched its second partnership with Tencent 9/9 Charity campaign and Shanghai United Foundation, a three-month campaign, which will last till November 1st, with 3 special matching days between September 7th and 9th.

    The great news is that your contributions can truly make a difference for these underprivileged children or adults and allow their IT dreams to come true.

  • "Our IT teacher has shown us digital application. When I grow up, I want to be a game developer. It’s so cool to produce fantastic animation and effects by the computer."

    Dream of Qiu Chanseng

  • Don’t miss the 2018 Suzhou E-Drive for Used Electronic Items event! This September, after the launch of our new Netspring Green 3R Boxes, unique and elegant wooden drop-off containers, with a flair for Nature, Netspring team will bring the idea of “Transforming E-waste into E-learning” to Suzhou again, a city fully revealing the charm of its natural beauty with exquisite gardens.

  • Netspring Green computers make learning more practical and increase curiosity among our students to a great extent."

    Director Li, Stora Enso Green IT Classroom, Jiashan


  • “The presentation of Netspring Green IT programs showcases exactly the reason why we should keep on going - keep on going to at least try and change! Change our minds, thus our behaviour to have an increased green and sustainable impact - changing to make our planet a better place to be. That’s what Netspring seems to achieve - very well done!”
  • Last June, Netspring team was more than happy to carry out multiple classes with Owens Corningvolunteers in a migrant school in Jiashan.