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Monthly Newsletter

  • June: Netspring won Rotary Leadership Awards

    Netspring has been successfully nominated by the Rotary Club of Shanghai to represent the corporate category at its fourth annual 2014 Rotary Leadership Awards and finally won the awards in June 7. Rotary Awards were created to recognize outstanding individuals and companies as well as nonprofit programs and students that are making significant socially responsible contributions in mainland China. They recognise achievements in the areas of philanthropy, community outreach, volunteer programs, employee initiatives, environmental educational efforts and sustainable community development.

  • May-Netspring presented at the Harvard Business School Campaign

  • On the  June 5(Thursday, World Environment Day), Netspring will hold one open day of Green IT Classroom for all the people who are interested in our program and would support social enterprise. The IT classroom is in one migrant school in Wujiang city and was set up in 2013 with the support from Maverlinn Strategic Finance--Maverlinn Green IT Classroom. Anyone who is interested in the open day can contact Ally( directly, the deadline will be May 30.  Here is the agenda of the open day:

    Departure Shanghai about 8:30 and arrive the School at about 9:30.

    1st part: a simple ceremony(about 30minute).  9:30-10:00

    -The principal’s welcome and thanks speech.

    -Maverlinn’s speech to present the story of this IT classroom

  • Let’s fight against pollution while helping underprivileged Children with Netspring!

    ---Report for AmCham Donation Drive (2013)

    Thanks to AmCham Shanghai, Netspring has received nearly 500 used computers on last year’s Donation Drive event.We successfully refurbish 136 sets of computers, we have supported 8 schools to setup Green IT Classrooms for the underprivileged kids! In total, 3000kg e-waste has been eco-recycled.

  • From “NU SKIN Green IT Classroom” to “NU SKIN volunteering platform”

    On April 2nd, 2014, NU SKIN China joined hands with Netspring to build the first "NU SKIN Green IT Classroom” in Xingguang Migrant School, located in Fengxian, Shanghai. NU SKIN provided 30 green recycled computers to the school, realizing the children’s dream of using computers in school. This is the another act of love and dedication to education from NU SKIN.

  • Netspring is almost two years old! Established in February 2012, our social enterprise has been able to fulfill its promise of protecting the environment and promoting education through the Green IT Classroom project. This project has helped over 20,000 Chinese children and teachers gain access to environmentally-friendly computers, paving the way for them to have a brighter future. Such success could not be achieved without a dedicated and talented staff and volunteers. In any enterprise, its team is its most valued component. At Netspring, we are very lucky.

  • Netspring is almost two years old! Established in February 2012, our social enterprise has been able to fulfill its promise of protecting the environment and promoting education through the Green IT Classroom project. In any enterprise,  its team is its most valued component and at Netspring, we are very lucky. Not only do we have a competent, creative team, but one that’s also united and warmhearted.

  • Dear friends,

  • The last few months, Netspring received more than 1000 sets of used computers, and 643 sets were successfully refreshed. Among the refurbished computers, 179 were used to set up 8 Green IT Classrooms, and over 2700 kids benefited from those IT Classrooms. In addition, Netspring disposed of 968 obsolete computers’ main parts (frames, 
    CRT screens, laptops…) in an environmental-friendly manner. We have also eco-recycled 2295KG of e-waste, from 
    broken fax machines to 2nd hand printers etc.

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  • What business entrepreneurs are to the economy, social entrepreneurs are to social change. In How To Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs And the Power of New Ideas, David Bornstein writes that social entrepreneurs are, the driven, creative individuals who question the status quo, exploit new opportunities, refuse to give up--and remake the world for the better. According to Bornstein, each single social enterprise pursues a better future, which not only tell us something about sharing and extending love, but also deliver the possibility of an ideal life. And this possibility comes up with every little change.