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Netspring supports NPOs with their computer needs

Netspring Social Enterprise receives and refurbishes used computers from companies and individuals. All the refurbished computers are used to support companies’ CSR program to build IT Classrooms for underprivileged children in China. Those that cannot be refurbished are dismantled in environment-friendly way by a professional disposal unit in Shanghai.

As our capacity grows, we are honored to support other NPOs with their IT needs!

If you are a NPO or are running a charity program and need computers for your work, please contact us. We would love to “rent” our refurbished computers to help you. Our advantages and requirements are:

  1. Low rental fees: 550 RMB/computer (excluding transportation costs; NGO staff are encouraged to pick up directly from the warehouse in Shanghai Putuo, the configuration is from CPU-Pentium D serial to dual-core, harddisk-80G-160G, memory-1G-3G).
  2. All the equipment is in full working use and we provide 3 years follow-up for those refurbished computers, mainly on hardware. We will provide free replacement.
  3. After 3 years, all these computers should be returned to us so that we can send them to be dismantled in an environmentally friendly way.

Please contact: Du Pingping

Office phone: +86 21 6049 3693

Mobile: +86 18019700096


Office address: 6B, Building 3, Lane 1251 Jiangning Road, Shanghai, PRC