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June,2013:Every single change will make sense

What business entrepreneurs are to the economy, social entrepreneurs are to social change. In How To Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs And the Power of New Ideas, David Bornstein writes that social entrepreneurs are, the driven, creative individuals who question the status quo, exploit new opportunities, refuse to give up--and remake the world for the better. According to Bornstein, each single social enterprise pursues a better future, which not only tell us something about sharing and extending love, but also deliver the possibility of an ideal life. And this possibility comes up with every little change.

Taking part in Netspring’s “Green IT Classroom Against Poverty” program is one component of the Bayer-China Rural Development project.

To the underprivileged children, the “Green IT Classroom Against Poverty” program is a chance to broaden their view and feel the love and support from outside. To the volunteers, it’s also a way to raise the awareness around their company values and enhance team spirit.

On the morning of 4th June, 2013, the primary school children of Shuangbo village, a remote rural area of Chongqing, had a glimpse of the magic power of computers for the first time in their life and received an IT classroom filled with 23 refurbished computers. Bayer China supported Netspring to build the IT classroom. The classroom opening ceremony was led by Mr. Johannes Dietsch, President of Bayer China. Mr. Johannes Dietsch hopes that these computers will be the window to the world for the children.

After the ceremony, with the help of Bayer’s volunteers, the school children learned to use the computers and the Ubuntu operating system. “Lishu town may become more open after our visit. This must be a remarkable change, as every single and little change can make sense.” A volunteer said, when watching the timid hand of a student reaching out to the computer.

Being a good citizen is one of the core values of the international law firm--Hogan Lovells. They participate in a variety of social welfare projects, consistently support environmental protection projects and help the disadvantaged out of poverty, so as to carry out their promise to be good citizens to the community.

On the afternoon of June 20, 2013, Hogan Lovells brought 30 sets of green refurbished computers to Taicang Hongqi Primary School, with the hope of helping the school kids better integrate society by using the computers to know more about the world.

Mr. Zheng Haohui, one of the partners at Hogan Lovells, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. "The big brothers and sisters who come to school today always use computers to finish their work,” he said, “We hope you can learn more and realize your dreams through these computers one day!”

30 computers, 55 students, 13 volunteers and 1 IT class. “These refurbished computers are the bridge between us and the underprivileged kids.” As School Principal Qiao said, “migrant children live between the city and the rural areas. They are eager to learn and fit into the world.”