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News: A second annual Donation Drive with AmCham

June 10, AmCham Shanghai, in collaboration with Netspring Social Enterprise, coordinated a second annual Donation Drive event for used electronics.

All the equipment refurbished will be used in “Green IT Classroom” project, helping poverty rural schools to build IT classroom. All the equipment without renewable value will be hand over to qualified environmental manufacturers for disposal.The manufacturers will issue disposal write-off vouchers of waste electronic products designated recycling and environmental protection.

Up to now, we have received used equipment from about 26 companies and individuals via AmCham Donation Drive event. Special thanks to individual contributors: Gary Mi, James T. AREDDY, Jowyn Goh, John T. Touchton, Miles Davison,  Manuela Tournier, they brought the equipment directly to our company or sent to us by Express.

Here is the detail information:

We also received cell phones, cameras, MP3s, scanners and other obsolete equipment. There are more than 300 kilograms e-waste has been eco-recycled by our partner. Besides the computers,  we have picked out 3 cameras, 2 electronic dictionaries, 3 MP3s that are still functional, and will use them as small gifts for our Green IT Classroom kids.

Two kids from Lixin Guangqi hope school in Anhui province have got the gifts recently.