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Revisiting Air Liquide Hangzhou Green IT Classroom

On June 23rd 2014, staff of Netspring went to Lixin Country in Anhui Province to revisit Mingde and Guangqi Hope Primary schools in Daliji Town. The Green IT Classrooms there were supported by Air Liquide Hangzhou.

Based on the feedback of computer classroom usage from school, Netspring staff examined and repaired the faulty computers and conducted maintenance for the others.  There was one power issue in the Guangqi IT Classroom, and a couple of mainboard problems in Mingde IT Classroom, some of which were swiftly resolved by the Netspring team, and the others are waiting for company's further support.

The feedback of usage

The IT classroom in Mingde Hope Primary School, in charged by the school master Mr Shi,was under good conditions and almost fully occupied by students. Every class in the school has at least one hour of IT class every week. All students from grade 3 to grade 6 can enjoy the IT classes.

While in Guangqi Hope Primary School, the classroom need more support. Teacher Wang Haibo, the administrator of IT classroom, said that they hadn’t textbooks and teachers had to decide teaching content by themselves until next semester. For the lack of teaching resources, there was limitation to prepare, vivify and systematize the contents for class., which negatively influence the effect of the teaching.

To raise both the classrooms usage frequency, in this revisit, we brought a lot of digital teaching resources to the school, including teaching plans, courseware, exercises and multimedia learning software of Chinese, Maths, Art, English, science, morality and society, hoping to enrich the usage of the computers. These materials can not only help teachers to prepare the lesson, but also make the students using computer by themselves to learn knowledge with fun. Otherwise, we also brought some audio books such as the history of China and the world. All the documents have been copied to the teachers’ computers and they will be used after selected by teachers. We hope that these resources can be helpful and will bring into play the function of computer in multimedia education field.

During the revisit, we also brought two little gifts, an electronic dictionary and an mp3 fully filled with stories. They are used electronic equipment those were donated by two individuals who support Netpring Green IT classroom program. We gave the gifts to two girls who are good pupils with poor family situations. Hope the gifts will be helpful to their studies and growth。

The latest news from school

Following the 3-yuan-lunch program, Mingde Hope Primary School established a canteen for students. It was the opening day when we were there. All students were having their lunches together, happily and lively! They will never need to walk back to their homes or cook for themselves like they used to be! It is really wonderful!