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Third Faurecia Green IT Classroom


On June 20th, the opening ceremony was attended by Jinsong LIU, Macheng City Charity Federation Secretary, Sam XIA, Deputy General Manager of Faurecia China & Vice President, Faurecia Automotive Seating China Division, Mathias MIEDREICH, President of Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies Asia Division, Xunshi LUO, General Manager for Huazhang Automation, Rexel China’s Wuhan-based subsidiary, volunteers from both companies, as well as teachers and students from the school.


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Empowered and proud representatives from Faurecia and Rexel


Netspring is proud to have opened the 3rd Faurecia Green IT Classroom in the context of an impact innovation project led by Maverlinn: Faurecia Green IT Classroom Powered by Rexel solar station, which took place at a migrant school in Macheng. It was the first Green IT classroom supported by a sustainable power system.


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The solar panels were installed on the building rooftop


Faurecia representatives attended Maverlinn Responsible Leadership Program, a CSR engagement program and on-field activities preparation. The activities consisted with two combined programs: Maverlinn Art Classroom and Netspring Green IT Classroom.



Responsible Leadership Program: Interactive CSR engagement


The Green IT Classroom helped students to improve their technical knowledge and skills, whilst the Art Classroom allowed students to develop their creativity and imagination.




Corporate representative leading the activities in both Art classroom and Green IT classroom


Rexel volunteers received a CSR induction and instruction on how to maintain the solar plant. Volunteers from Rexel guided a tour to the solar panel controller and explained the installation.



Site tour and installation explanation


       This impact innovation program designed and managed by Maverlinn, provided strong social, educational and environmental values to the underprivileged in China, whilst illustrating how companies and social enterprises can successfully cooperate to create common good.