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Let's spread positive energy!

As a social enterprise, Netspring has a duty to help raise social awareness about environment protection and equal education opportunity. There is one old Chinese saying, a good neighbor is better than a brother far off. So we started from our own community and helped set up a Green IT Classroom for our local community center. Moreover, we reach out to university students to do more volunteering for elderly people in this community center and teach them how to use computers, which can improve their life quality.

The elderly people in community, in return, spontaneously organized and helped the kids in Netspring Green IT Classroom program.In May, we received a batch of donated new clothes. The donor hoped to help the kids in the far away schools supported by Netspring. But the clothes have a lot of flaws. When we really don’t know how to deal with the clothes, the community residents undertook the work of the sewing and mending. Without using any new additional materials, they gave the clothes a brand new look!