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A journey starts from Green IT Classroom and your heart!

The Social enterprise concept helps Netspring not only become a professional team for executing the “Green IT Classroom” social program, but become an exchange platform for social welfare information, leverage different resources in our own way to help environment protection and our lovely children. It becomes a journey to realize our dream!

In June 2013, Netspring helped Bayer China to setup a Green IT Classroom in the primary school of Shuangbo village, a remote rural area of Chongqing. With the support from Bayer’s volunteers, Netspring helped the school install new air-conditioning in its Green IT Classroom and support two extremely poor kids living expenses for one year. Leveraging social resources can not only help Bayer CSR program move forward locally but also get social resources to focus effectively on the people who really need it.

Thank you letter from the IT teacher of Bayer Green IT Classroom

The same story happened in Nu Skin Green IT Classroom program. In March 2014, Netspring helped Nu Skin China set up a Green IT Classroom as well as support a volunteering platform in Fengxian Xingguang migrant school. In this half year, Nu Skin’s volunteers accompanied the children every Friday. The computer class teacher Mr. Wang said: "I have heard of charity activities and volunteering before, but now I am really feel the power of these activities!" In early June, we learned that there is one 10 year old kid who is suffering from serious illness and his family is facing severe economic crisis. We immediately contacted the teacher and prepared details. Soon, we got the positive news from Nu Skin and another American company, Synopsys. Nu Skin has mobilized all the employees and started to raise money for the child; and Synopsys invited us to design a volunteer event for him in the coming September and started to pay more attention to the needs from migrant schools in Shanghai.

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