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Revisit Report: Faurecia Green IT Classroom (2014-6-25)

On June, 25, 2013, Faurecia joined hands with Netspring to build a “Faurecia Green IT Classroom” in Luxu Primary School, located in Wujiang District, Suzhou. Thierry Aubry, the general manager of Faurecia, and 15 Faurecia staff, Netspring staff and the teachers and students in Luxu Primary School participated in the opening ceremony and the following activities, including a computer class, a craft class, and games and so on.

Luxu Primary School has lacked computer equipment for a long time. Students there can’t take computer classes. Most kids never have an access to modern learning and communicating equipment like computer. They are eager to learn more messages by computer and know the outside world the the Internet.

In Apr.2014, School informed Netspring that 2 laptops was broken and they want to get 5 sets computer used for teacher. According to the school request, Netspring revisited school on 24th of April. We examined and repaired the broken computers and bring 5 extra refurbish computers to school for teacher use.

After the revisit, all the computers in “Faurecia IT Classroom” worked well.

In the revisit, we brought a lot of digital teaching resources to the school, including teaching plans, courseware, exercises and multimedia learning software of Chinese, Math, Art, English, science, morality and society, hoping to enrich the usage of the computers. The pictures are kids who try to use the courseware.Video for the kids:

These are the dream careers from the kids. Be a boss, a singing star, a doctor and a volunteer. Now they could keep contact with the outside world and learn more to realizing their dreams by IT skills, yet they need our volunteers to interact more with them to share our jobs, experience and dreams.