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Setting Up Report: Air Liquide China Datong Green IT Classroom, the 5th Green IT Classroom (2014-9-10)

On September 10th, 2014, Air Liquide joined hands with Netspring to build the fifth "Air Liquide Green IT Classroom” in Da Baideng Hope School, located in Yang Gao, Datong. Air Liquide provided 35 green refurbished computers to the school and realized the children’s dream of learning how to use computers. This is another dedication of love from Air Liquide.

Mr. Marcelo Fioranelli, President & CEO of Air Liquide China and the volunteers from Air Liquide Datong and Shanghai together with local government attended the opening ceremony.

According to the actual situation of the used computers Air Liquide provided, there are 35 refurbished desktops were used to setup “Air Liquide IT Classroom” in Da Baideng Hope School. These 35 desktops were installed UBUNTU system.

By contributing obsolete computers and using successfully refurbished ones to setup Green IT Classroom, Air Liquide not only supports environment protection and the development of circular economy, but also helps improve the education situation in the underprivileged areas of China.