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New event: the 3rd PerkinElmer Green IT Classroom in Taicang

On October 29th, 2013, PerkinElmer has setup the 3rd "PerkinElmer Green IT Classroom" for migrant school in Taicang city。Taicang Yaohua Migrant school has 6 grade and more than 50 kids per class. There are about 1000 kids and 45 teachers in school, most of the teachers are graduated from college. The original IT classroom has used for years, total 25 computers with CRT screen. Normally 2 or 3 kids use one computer in the IT class. 

With the support from PerkinElmer, Netspring provide computers together with their new computers assigned by local government, every kid could use one computer during IT class.The basic configuration: DELL E-6400/CPU:CORE-P8600/2G meory/160G harddisk/31 refurbished computers/Ubuntu system

On the event day, the top management team from PerkinElmer attended the opening ceremony of Green IT Classroom, all the corporate volunteers have an interesting IT knowledge sharing class and hand craft class (use obsolete toothpaste box) with kids afterwards. Click here to find the kids' SIGN LANGUAGE performance on event.

【HIstory of PerkinElmer Green IT Classroom】

2012/10 PerkinElmer set up the first Green IT Classroom in Taicang Hongjing Migrant school.

2013/9 PerkinElmer set up the 2nd Green IT Classroom in Taicang Xinhua Migrant school with 3 years follow-up service from Netspring.

【School Feedback】

1-Hongjing Green IT Classroom

•As the refurbished computers have been used for 2 years, without the maintenance service, there are about 9 computers have been broken down. They hope PerkinElmer could continue to support them.
2- Xinhua Green IT Classroom
•During the past one year after the setup, Netspring team has revisited for 4 times and solved the technical and the other related problems in time.
•The last visit in this May, all the computers are ok for IT class.  Click here for the WORDS FROM SCHOOL...