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Event: Earth Day in DOW Chemical


On July 2014, DOW Chemical corporated with Netspring on Donation Drive event through AmCham Shanghai. Lots of DOW employees brought their e-waste from home attended the event. As Rachel, the PA manager of DOW Chemical said, the recycling and reuse of the obsolete e-equipment provide us an opportunity to better the world in this fast-moving consumer goods era. DOW Chemical hope to support Netspring as a sustainable platform so to provide more environment friendly activities for the others, and DOW Chemical hope to do this as an annual internal event.

【2015 DOW Chemical Earth Day】

From April 20, 2015 to April 24th, DOW Chemical in Zhang Jiang Office Area supported by Netspring Green IT classroom program, hold the "Earth Day - Green Week"  serial activities.:

- April 20th: collect obsolete computers to support underprivileged kids’ IT class needs; support “Make the best use of your computers“ activity.

- April 23rd: individual contributions & crowd funding to support the green computer classroom activities


During the two activities, we not only received the obsolete computers and e-waste from DOW Chemical IT departments, but also from DOW employees. We are very grateful for DOW Chemical provided Netspring such a platform to help raise social environmental protection awareness so we could stick to the war against brutal dismantling in China to the final winning.

Moreover, we are really thankful to all the people who brought the bulky electronic waste to the event site to contribute, because no matter how small the efforts they contribute, those efforts finally gather together as a touch enlighten each contributor. As long as we adhere to an environment friendly way to dispose electronic waste, even the fog and haze will not be a problem for us.