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Revisit: Taicang Three Green IT Classrooms Oct.12

Jacqueline Green IT Classroom --Taicang Sangang Primary School
The local Education Bureau supported the school with 26 hosts in the beginning of 2015, together with  Jacqueline Green IT Classroom's 21 computers, now the school has a big IT classroom which can basically meet the target of one kid one computer during IT class. The IT classroom is in good state and has greatly improved the efficiency of teaching. The school has14 classes and more than 700 students, of which from grade 3 to grade 6, all the classes will have a computer class each week. In addition, all the school kids will have safety class in the IT classroom. It also used as multi-media classroom to diversify the way of teaching.
Hogan Lovells Green IT Classroom -- Taicang Hongjin Primary School
There are several computers can not boot,  a few computers had problems during running. Has transported 10 more as back-up computer, and in a few days we will arrange IT engineer to do a complete checking, to ensure the effective use of the classroom.
Education Bureau requires the kids from 3 grade to 6 grade to have a computer class, one or two in each week. But as there is no professional teacher, the IT class can not be delivered in steady quality. The substitute teachers will prepare some simple content rather than the standard ones from textbooks. In order to be more efficiently, Netspring has provided the student lots ofmultimedia courseware for self-study, and the teacher will open the IT classroom to kids after school so to cultivate interests.
Bayer Green IT Classroom -- Taicang Hengli Primary School
The Green IT Classroom is in a good condition. Because the school has a very professional IT teacher who keep contacting with our maintenance team.  Same as the other two migrant schools, kids from grade 3 to grade 6  have computer classes, once a week.  Kids in grade 3 only have theoretical knowledge class, the bigger ones will have both the theoretical class and operating class. In grade 4, there are 56 kids in one class and currently two or three of them have one computer during class. The school hopes to get more support from the society. Next year the school will be relocated to a new site, the Green IT Classroom will be relocated either. After the relocation, we will do further revisit.