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Activity: Bayer’s Volunteer Activity Nov.29

In 2014, Bayer China joined hands with Netspring and set up “Bayer Green IT Classroom” in Taicang Hengli Primary School, which facilitated the school with computers for each student in one IT class, with also three years of follow up and maintenance. 
Almost all the kids are from migrant families, so in order to bring more companionship and warmth to the kids and to know them better, volunteers from 7 different Bayer branches gathered together in Shanghai on 29th, Nov 2015 and came to Hengli Primary School for volunteer activity with funds raised among the employees.
Volunteers were divided into two groups and joined the kids from two classes in Hengli. Group 1 started their activity with kite-making in the multimedia classroom. After design and discussion, some volunteers started to make frames or cutting papers, some kids started with painting and pasting. For most kids and even many volunteers, this was the first time to make a kite, so they were all very excited and devoted, and couldn’t wait to try their hand-made kites in the playground.
Volunteers and kids are making kites
Volunteers and the kids are trying to fly the kites they made
Group 2 had also an interesting class in “Bayer Green IT Classroom”. They started with an introduction of PPT and how to make a small animation by Netspring. The kids were very curious and eager to try themselves, and every volunteer was very patient with the kids during the whole process, from inserting pictures, editing pictures, to setting course for the cars. Each student designed their own animation scenes with the materials. When the cars were running on the computer screen, all the kids and volunteers were really happy.
volunteers and kids are having IT class
After each group finished their class, there was an exchange to make sure that everyone could try both classes. Volunteers also had lunch together with the kids, with brought them even closer. At the end, each kid brought their self-made kites and had a group photo together with the volunteers to keep this beautiful memory. The colorful kites shine as bright as all their smiles.