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June 1 PwC volunteers delivered water resources conversation to Nanchong students

On June 1st, the Netspring team set off to Nanchong with the purpose of revisiting one of PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) sponsored mountain village schools and holds an IT activity with three corporate volunteers from PwC to celebrate nationwide Children’s Day.

For the activity, Netspring gave training to the volunteers using materials created by Thirst for Water, an NGO based in China that promotes awareness about water conservation. The next morning, Netspring and PwC set off on a three hour journey from Chongqing to the countryside surrounding Nanchong. Xincitang Primary School is located in a stunning hillside village, and is the school of 58 local village children. We were warmly welcomed by the headmaster who drove down the winding alleyways on his scooter to meet us at the foot of the hill and help us find our way to the school. When we finally arrived, we were greeted by the curious children who were eager to talk and show us around their school. 

We began by heading to the PwC sponsored Green IT classroom, home to 24 of Netspring’s refurbished computers. The volunteers grouped the students and got them to make name cards. Afterwards, volunteers played a water related quiz with the student teams competing against each other. Next, a fun video related to “invisible water” was shown, getting students to think about the water that goes into the products we buy that we can’t actually see, for example, our clothes. Finally, a wrap up game where volunteers held up photos of two different products, for example an apple and chocolate bar, and asked the students to guess which used more water and why.


After the activities, the volunteers spoke with the children, deliver gifts and took photos. It was clear that both the students and the volunteers took something memorable away from the day, creating value for everyone involved. A special thanks to the PwC volunteers who made this day memorable for the students at Xincitang school. See you next semester!