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June 13 Donation Drive at Wellington College

Netsrping went to the Wellington College in Shanghai to receive the donation of over 300 kg used electric goods from “Friends of Wellington” and Wellington College. “Friends of Wellington” is a network founded when the school opened its doors in August 2014. The group consists of parents, teachers and members of the community.

“Friends of Wellington” has organized a series of non-profit programs to support the College by putting on a number of educational and cultural events to enrich the Wellington College experience for all involved. In June they organized a collection of many boxes of laptops, LCD and so on to Netspring. Those items will be refurbished later to support Netspring’s Green IT classroom program. Besides the donation drive, “Friends of Wellington” has also provided financial support to renew equipment in a Green IT Classroom in Xilin School of Heilongjiang Province, close to the Sino-Russian territory boarder, in the fall semester this year. The school has just come to the end of its 3-year program with the IT classroom. Over the last 3 years, great efforts have been made to improve information technology education of underprivileged Chinese children in that school.