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Figures about What We Have Achieved in the First Half Year of 2016

In the first 6 months of this year, Netspring received 840 unused desktops and laptops and refurbished 25% among them. Most of the refurbished computers have already been sent to IT classrooms in schools for use, and the rest are waiting for delivery to schools in the new fall semester. Besides, there are another 443 computers waiting for test and refurbish, and the successfully refurbished computers will be sent to Green IT Classroom as well. 

The electronic goods that cannot be refurbished were and will be all dismantled in an eco-friendly way by qualified professionals.

To make it convenient, Netspring started in the second quarter to open our office on the last Saturday of every month to receive unused electronic goods from individuals and enterprises.

In the first half year, we collaborated with 3 corporations and helped 5 schools set up 6 IT classrooms, beneficial to over 2000 migrant worker students in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi and Chengdu. More IT classrooms will be opened in the fall semester this year, and we are confident to make more and more Chinese underprivileged kids enjoy informationized course and get knowledge.