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Rexel Green IT Classroom Launched in October

On the morning of October 20th, Rexel gave Shui Kou Miao Primary School in Li Jiazhen town, Henan Province 20 computers, successfully setting up a Green IT Classroom. The company has also previously donated a PV generator, and solar water heater to the school, as well as 20,000RMB worth of teaching materials and items for daily use. 
At 9:20am on the morning, more than and 30 Rexel volunteers, under the support of Netspring, arrived at the gates of Shui Kou Miao Primary School to hold an opening ceremony to mark the official opening of the new IT classroom. Rexel’s team leader, Cai Yongze, delivered a speech a touching speech during the ceremony, in which he encouraged the children study hard and strive for excellence in their studies and in their character. 
Headmaster Du Qingfu attended the inauguration ceremony, along with the village cadres and all the teachers and students and the school, expressing his gratitude towards Rexel for their kind donations to the school. Student representatives said that they are determined to study hard to become a cultured, moral individual, with the qualities of forgiveness, and benefitting society. 
During the entire day, the children wore red scarves to celebrate the arrival of the Rexel volunteers, and sang a popular Chinese song "a grateful heart". 
In return, the Rexel volunteers held a multimedia IT class in the new computer room on the topic of energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as a PPT animation skills practical class to improve students’ basic IT skills. After, a handicraft activity was carried out where the children made a solar energy lamp, further cultivating children's concept of environmental protection. 
In early 2014, Rexel and Faurecia made a joint donation to Sanxing Primary School in Yantianhe town, Macheng City, setting up a Green IT Classroom which is still in good use today.