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Thirst For Water – the public welfare project of The Association of International Chemical Manufacturers

On October 26th, volunteers from the International Association of Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) and their member companies along with the Netspring team, made a revisit trip to Wuxi to carry out a water conservation awareness activity with the students at Wuxi Qinghe Primary School, where AICM have set up a Green IT Classroom. The volunteers led a lesson designed by Thirst For Water, a Shanghai based NGO that promotes water awareness and conservation among students in China. The activity began with an IT class, followed by a handicraft activity where students made a bio-filter from reused plastic bottles. The event was a huge success and greatly contributed to the awareness and importance of water conservation and environmental protection among the students. 
AICM set up a Green IT Classroom in Wuxi Qinghe Primary School in May 2016, and in today’s event they used PPT courseware in the computer classroom to give fifteen grade 4 students some information about the issues relating to water conservation. For example, there are different forms of water in nature, as water not only exists in the form where we can physically see it, but also in “invisible forms” such as in plants, animals, and food. If you eat less processed foods, and buy less complicated industrial manufacturing products, these can be effective ways of saving water. 
After the IT class, the students moved to another room to do the handicraft activity. Here, volunteers had prepared a number of materials for the students to make a simple but effective bio-filter. 
The volunteers demonstrated how to make the bio-filter using empty reused plastic water bottles, gauze, cotton, activated carbon, small stones and pebbles. With these simple materials each student made his or her own bio-filter.  
The students worked in small groups under the guidance of the volunteers. Some of them cut the bottle with a pair of scissors and some carefully arranged the cotton and gauze, creating a spirit of teamwork.  
Through today's activities, the students now understand the different aspects of how we use water in our everyday lives. They understand the vital importance of water, and also mastered some skillful ways in which they can save water. We believe that students will pay more attention to environmental protection and ways to save water as a result of the activities. 
The AICM public welfare project is directly relevant to the lives of the children at the school, and helps promotes the idea of environmental protection. Their kindness allows the students at Qinghe Primary School to have a well-rounded education.  
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