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Blessing Hands IT Green Classroom in Guangxi Du'an

In a joint project with Netspring Social Enterprise, Blessing Hands have set up a Green IT classroom for under-privileged migrant students at Du'an Special Education School, Guangxi Province on October 10, 2016. This is also the 65th classroom Netspring set up in China. The classroom will give school the students at the school an opportunity to use computers to help their studies, and as the school has a fast internet connection, the students will now have access to information from the outside world. 
This project is part of a larger mission of Blessing Hands to support children with disabilities in China who are often overlooked by society and confronted by the problems of unemployment, poor living conditioins, difficulties in social integration, and obstacles to accessing information.
The computers set up at Du'an Special Education school were all installed with a specialized audio software by Alex Wang and his team. Alex is the founder of Renpin Community Services Center for disabilities based in Shanghai. The installation of this software will mean that the blind students at Du'an Special Education School will be able to use the computers as well.
Instead of setting up one IT classroom,the team installed computers in multiple classrooms in seperate classrooms in order to make it easier for some of the disabled students to physically get to the computers, but also to make it convenient to use the computers during class and in breaks between and after classes. We hope that the teachers will make use of the computers to support and enrich the classes they teach, either by downloading materials from online, or through vidoe and multimedia. 
As Du'an Special Education School has a high-speed wifi internet connection that reaches all the classrooms, the computers also bring access to the internet for the students. With a world of information at their fingertips, we hope that the the computers and internet connection will add value to the education of the children at school.
In 2009 Du'an Special Education School School was established in 2009. Located in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autoinomous Region, where over 90% of the Zhuang minority live, one of China's 55 ethnic minorities. All 32 teachers at the school are Zhuang minority, as are the 286 students, most of whom come from the surrouding mountain villiages to stdy at the school. Most of the students also stay in dormitories at the school because they live to far away to travel back and forth every day.
The schools guiding education principle isto create a learning environment where the students can grow into “well-educated young adults, who maintain their ethnic identity,” while being focused on good quality education, the school also emphasizes the importance of good morals and character. As a result of this, the school has seen many successes among its students, including in the sporting realm when student Tian Linxin won the silver medal in the 100m sprint and long jump at the Guangxi 8th Disabled Sports Competition.