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Owens Corning Revisit Volunteer Event

On November 24th, volunteers from Owens Corning plant based in Tianjin, travelled to Bozhi Primary School for Migrants in Changping district, Beijing to carry out a revisit activity in the Owens Corning Green IT classroom at the school. The Owens Corning volunteers held a fun lesson relating to water conservation. By means of an informative IT class and video, followed by a handicraft activity where a bio-filter was made using recycled plastic bottles, it is hoped that the students went away with an increased awareness of environmental protection and water conservation.

The courseware for the day was developed by NGO Thirst For Water. The volunteers used a cartoon animation video and a short presentation to teach ten Grade 4 students at Bozhi school about the water cycle, “invisible” water, and how to reduce their water footprint. This was followed by a short group discussion inspiring students to think about how to effectively save water in their own lives.

After the IT part of the event, the students moved to the library. Here, volunteers formed groups with the students and showed them how to use materials such as pebbles, cotton pads, and activated carbon, to make a simple but effective bio-filter.  

The students got to work under the guidance of the volunteers. Some of them cut the bottle with a pair of scissors and some sorted out the cotton and gauze, all in the spirit of good teamwork.

Recycled plastic bottles of water, coffee filters, gauze, cotton, activated carbon, fine stones, and pebbles were all used to complete the bio-filter. With such limited water in this world, every drop is precious!


Through these activities, the students were able to understand more about the role of water in our everyday lives, and its importance to our future. It is hoped that they will have a more environmentally conscious attitude to water in their future daily lives, saving it where they can, and not wasting this precious resource.


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