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Official data for computer classrooms in China

According to statistics from The Ministry of Education, the average area space of computer classroom in proportion to the total school space in primary schools across the country is 2.08%, with Guangxi Province lagging behind the national average at only 0.97%. Hunan and Hainan Provinces are ranked second and third with percentages of 1.32% and 1.33% respectively.

Although Beijing, Zhejiang and Guangdong are located in economically developed areas, the proportion of computer classrooms to the total school space is still not up to the national average, at only 2.04%, 1.98% and 1.92% respectively.  

In October this year, the Netspring team partnered with US based Blessing Hands in order to set up an IT classroom in Guangxi for disabled children. At present, we have built 67 computer classrooms across China. These statistics from the Ministry of Education serve as an important basis for our future areas of work. 

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