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IT Consultis set up a Green IT Classroom at Sangang School

In November, IT Consultis, in partnership with Netspring Social Enterprise successfully set up a Green IT Classroom at Sangang School in Taicang in Jiangsu Provice. The classroom was equipped with 25 desktop computers and headsets, mice, keyboards and other accessories.
IT Consultis reflects its long-term commitment to the development of Corporate Social Responsibility in this project. It is hoped that the Green IT Classroom at Sangang School, will open up opportunities for the marginalized students of migrant workers, allowing them to receive a fairer education, gaining access to more knowledge, and growing up to become well rounded individuals.  
In 2017, IT Consultis will hold an opening ceremony at the school to mark the official opening of the classroom, along with a series of volunteer activities to better help the students improve their IT skills.