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Increasing reach and impact of Owens Corning's Green IT Classrooms around China!

After the successful implementation of Owens Corning Green IT Classroom in Hangzhou and Beijing the third Owens Corning Green IT Classroom was opened in Guangzhou together with Netspring team, on Friday September 15th! Thanks to the United Way Worldwide grant on behalf of the generosity of The Owens Corning Foundation. This new classroom expands the program’s reach in Southern China to create a digital learning environment that would enable more flexible and equitable access to education for the schools’ children.
Mr. Don Rettig, President of the Owens Corning Foundation and Director of Community Relations, Mr. Yue Hong, School Headmaster, Netspring team, Owens Corning volunteers, students from Huangpu Chongde Shiyan Primary School attended the opening ceremony.