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Special thanks to Owens Corning and their volunteers who warmed the winter

In December, volunteers from Owens Corning along with Netspring team, went to Beijing suburb to carry out IT classes and outdoor activities with the students of Bozhi Primary School. What is more, by understanding the school’s difficult situation, Owens Corning intended to increase the size of the Green IT Classroom to ensure that students of each class can have IT class together.

On the volunteering day, more than 60 students of Grade 4 learnt to use search engines and select useful information to find solution. The children were excited to practice online and succeeded in finding out the function and application of glass wool. In the outdoor activities, students in small groups took an active part in the games. Despite freezing cold weather outside, encouragement and trophies provided by the volunteers rejoiced the school boys and girls. The atmosphere was electric!

Through the day, Owens Corning volunteers awakened the natural curiosity of the young minds of Bozhi Primary School. For the volunteers, the connection with local communities and children brought meaning and joy to their CSR actions. 

Students Attentive in the IT class 

Owens Corning Green IT Classroom Program started in 2014 and over the last 3 years, Green IT Classrooms for migrant and rural schools were built in Hangzhou Yuhang, Beijing Changping and Guangzhou Huangpu, and over 2400 underprivileged children could realize their computer dreams. This December, Owens Corning spread again IT seeds in the West of China as a Xi’an school received a new Green IT Classroom, thanks to the United Way Worldwide grant on behalf of the generosity of The Owens Corning Foundation.

Owens Corning Volunteers