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Celebrating Earth Day with Utrecht University Innovation Students

"We chose to visit Netspring as it is a beautiful example of putting the circular economy to use. On top of that you also have a large social impact which is inspiring to us! ”
Foreign Relations, SSU Foundation
On April 19th, to celebrate Earth Day, Netspring organized a Special Green IT workshop for students of the Utrecht University, with Shanghai Pudong Library. Curator Wang introduced a barrier-free reading environment for the visually impaired. 15 visiting students from the Netherlands showed great interest in our Netspring Green IT program and experienced how it felt to be deprived of sight in an experiential learning workshop. This led them to better understand the challenges faced by the Visually Impaired in their everyday lives and how to potentially build more inclusive social innovation models. Netspring was honored to have shared its innovative program with the Utrecht University students, who cared much about social and environmental impacts.