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Words from kids and teachers


Jin Shanshan (Changshun County Baixiang Village Central School Grade 6,Guizhou)


When I saw the volunteer type my name out in art font with my pictures, I felt so happy and excited.I love computer lessons, I am so happy today!


Che Yuan (Yuanyang County, Majie Village, Dapi Jia Primary School Grade 3, Yunnan)


Those uncles and aunties from Shanghai brought us computers which made us see computers for the very first time and enable us to touch them. Look, the one right in front of me, with a black body, a colorful screen, and the little mouse, so nice it is! The teacher told us we can type, draw, make cards, chat, list music, watch movies, read news, play games, send emails and more things on the internet. With guidance from the teacher, I found my hometown on the computer, saw the nice view of my hometown, and also Tian An Men Square, Hainan Island, Hong Kong as well as different sceneries in Paris. The first time using the computer made me feel it is magic. We can see the exciting world outside and learn much knowledge by using it. I must study hard to learn more computer knowledge and become friends with it so as to make my life more colorful.



Chen Hongxi (Teacher in charge of Anxiang Special Education School, Hunan Province)


Deng Xingzhou, one of our deaf students at the Anxiang Special Education School, designed a “sign language game” and won the first prize and the golden medal at the 33th Hunan Province Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition held from 20th to 23rd, April. At the same time, another student, Zeng Juan, drew a《Magic Sticker For Blindness 》 and also won the first prize. “C3 IT Classroom” holds great importance in our IT education. The design and drawing from kids can never be perfectly realized without these fine quality computers.  Now I have no nap time at all and must open the computer classroom half an hour before the course begin as the kids are so excited and passionate about learning IT skills. We can feel the same happiness as they do.

Jia Lemei (Teacher in charge of Yongfeng Primary School, Anhui Province)


Since these refurbished computers are given to the rural schools, we have been able to launch IT courses, which enables teachers and students to get to know computers. They can also understand how broad the world is, which helps to narrow the digital gap between urban areas and rural villages. The kids now can understand the basic structure of a computer, the correct order to turn on/off the computers and the composition of the keyboard. They can also practice typing and make type settings. Through an enjoyable atmosphere with simple games, the kids acquired knowledge and skills.