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A Successful Revisit of Stora Enso Green IT Classroom in Jiashan

Netspring Green computers make learning more practical and increase curiosity among our students to a great extent."

Director Li, Stora Enso Green IT Classroom, Jiashan


In June, Netspring team also revisited other schools such as in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province, supported by Stora Enso. Through our Green IT classroom program, this partnership has been successful in fulfilling the aspirations of more than 600 students, giving them digital insights and sharpening their technological skills during the past three years.

We are also glad that the local government is coming up with strategies to improve the educational means of the migrant children. Owing to this, these underprivileged students can move to public schools with better facilities and amenities next semester. After discussion and agreement with both the school and Stora Enso, Netspring will continue to support some computers for the teachers to use, whilst others have been dismantled in an eco-friendly way.