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Sharing Beauty with All: L’Oréal China opened its first Netspring Green IT Classroom

Sharing Beauty with All: L’Oréal China opened its first Netspring Green IT Classroom
During L’Oréal China 10th Citizen Day, Stéphane Rinderknech, 3rd CEO of L’Oréal China made a great contribution to our underprivileged children. With his great support and that of L’Oréal China teams and volunteers, the first L’Oréal Green IT Classroom was successfully launched to serve 1200+ students in a migrant primary school near Shanghai. This enables our children to bridge their dream with the digital era, which creates shared value and reflects L’Oréal “Sharing Beauty with All”.
“We wish to inspire migrant children in digital learning and innovation exploring at this Green IT Classroom. We also thank the Netspring team for their great efforts and this great and meaningful initiatives!”
- Sustainability Director, L’Oréal China

On October 11th, 2019, the unveiling ceremony of the L’Oréal Green IT classroom was successfully held and attended by L’Oréal China Leaders and enthusiastic volunteers. This program creates long term Tech4Good impact in local communities by fostering digital inclusion for migrant students as well as broadens their perspective and chances to get better education.
Volunteers from L’Oréal China organized two strongly interactive lessons which involved environmental activity at L’Oréal Green IT Class. The joyful and friendly atmosphere made every students enjoy the class and they were eager to share their ideas with volunteers. “A Digital Reading Corner” set up with mini- iPads supported by Lancôme China is planned to be built up. Our students spent an unforgettable and fruitful day!
We wholeheartedly would like to thank L’Oréal China and Lancôme China for their dedication to a better future for Netspring children.
“We are grateful to L’Oréal China and Netspring Team who provide us valuable resources to our school and help our students learn more computer knowledge.”

- Headmaster Zheng, from L’Oréal Green IT Classroom