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Happy Year of the Ox! Digitalization Inspires Netspring Children’s Confidence for the Future!

The year of the Ox, which symbolizes strength, persistence and courage, is upcoming! We wish you happiness and prosperity for the New Year of the Ox!
In 2020, Netspring accelerated digital education and developed distance teaching during the pandemic, and provided distance support to the students and their teachers.
Looking ahead to 2021, continously facing challenging conditions, we will unite with our partners to further innovate.
Keep Going - Sincere Thanks to all our Supporters’ Generous Contribution of Used IT Equipment
We would like to thank all our supporters who contributed their used computers and electronic equipment to Netspring Green IT Programs in the past years. Netspring will recycle the collections and refurbish the reusable items to build Green IT classrooms in schools and communities in need. Any unusable items will be disposed in an environmental-friendly way.