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PwC Opened a new Green IT Classroom in Chengdu

In order to promote digital inclusion in underprivileged areas and communities, PwC launched the “PwC Green IT Classroom” project in 2015 and established two Green IT Classrooms in Nanchong, Sichuan. Together with Netspring, PwC helped to promote digital literacy and Internet access among underprivileged students, greatly bridging the digital divide.
In Mar. 2021, PwC decided to support a third Green IT Classroom in a Chengdu migrant school aiming to help 1200+ students gain access to Information and Communication Technologies. Facing the dilemma of limited educational resources and the accelerating popularization of IT, these migrant children are in urgent need of accessing computers. Thanks to PwC’s support, these students will be able to catch up with their peers in terms of educational opportunities. The school will make efficient use of the IT classroom, and students will also use it to participate in municipal-level IT exams in Chengdu.