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Spread the Joy of Reading: Virtuos Launched a Book Corner for a Netspring Migrant School

After establishing their first Green IT Classroom in Chengdu and supported underprivileged students for quality education in 2019, on March 17th, 2021, Virtuos provided more than 1100 books to the same school, and greatly enriched the content of the school library.
As complementary learning media, both computers and books can bring students profound insights into society. Virtuos expressed their hopes that students can make good use of these books to learn new knowledge and eliminate the information gap.
"Caring for and supporting the development of education is what every citizen should do. The aspiration of loving to read and reading good books is embedded in every student’s heart and should become a good habit for everyone to develop."
_General Manager, Virtuos Chengdu
"We promise to carry out various reading activities. We will endeavor to build a more scholarly school and open our students’ world by encouraging them to read books. On behalf of the school, I heartily express our gratitude to all volunteers from Virtuos. Thank you for sowing the seeds of love into the hearts of students and assisting the well-rounded development of our students!"
_Teacher Representative, Chengdu Migrant School
The student representative has expressed the gratitude to Virtuos and Netspring team and emphasized students’ determination of reading more books. She states, “with gratitude, we will make full use of these books and draw knowledge and spiritual power from reading.”