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Social Impact without Borders: Celebrating Sparx* Green IT Class in Vietnam, PwC distance volunteering and the “Restore our Earth” e-waste drive with Amcham Shanghai!

April was again a very busy month for our teams. Besides our on-going events and schools’ visits, we are happy to share the great news of the launch of the first Sparx* Green IT class in Vietnam as well as PwC distance volunteering. We also held our annual e-waste Recycling Drive in collaboration with AmCham Shanghai, for the 51st Earth Day with the theme “Restore Our Earth". The e-drive was yet another success as the number of items received, increased by more than three times from last year!
Wholehearted thanks to all our supporters!
Celebrating the first Sparx* Green IT Classroom opening in Vietnam!
This April, the first Sparx* Green IT Class was inaugurated in a Boarding Center near Ho Chi Minh City, which is a second home to underprivileged students, who cannot attend primary or secondary schools in their home villages. Many of them come from minorities in the mountainous provinces and are thus offered the possibility to be educated in the city.
On a very sunny day, energetic volunteers taught students some IT skills and also carried out joyful outdoor activities with the students. The latter were offered many other gifts, of which the most important was the caring attention of the visitors, which enlightened the students’ day, with joyful games, passing on happiness, warmth and laughter.
We are thankful for the borderless opportunities offered to these students, who can now more easily communicate with their families, widen their horizons and access precious knowledge. This is indeed a valuable example of how to walk the Tech4Good talk!
PwC Launched its Distance Volunteering program in 3 schools
PwC has established three Green IT Classrooms in Sichuan Province in migrants’ and rural schools where the principals requested Netspring teams to offer students additional courses to enrich their curriculum. Hence, in order to fulfill their needs and adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, PwC had made detailed plans of distance volunteering to support our students on an array of topics throughout this April and May.
Our students actively participated in the distance classes and showed great interest in all topics, such as for example, PowerPoint making and English stories. We thank the volunteers for their great support and look forward to doing more in this field with them. Thank you for making a difference for a better education for our children during all these past years!
The design of the course content is very fulfilling and well-organized, and students listened very carefully. I am very grateful to all the teachers and Netspring team for keeping bringing new experiences to our students.”
– Principal, Nanchong School
“Restore our Planet” with AmCham Shanghai 8th annual E-waste Recycling Drive
On April 22, 2021, on the occasion of Earth Day, the annual e-waste recycling drive co-organized by AmCham Shanghai and Netspring Green IT Programs was successfully held. More than forty companies and individuals participated in the event, showing their enthusiasm for environment-friendly disposal of e-waste and the promotion of digital inclusion. This year, the total number of items received increased again, by more than three times and the total weight was more than one ton, which reflects the increasing environmental impact we can generate all together.
Many of the items received can be recycled and reused. For example, when feasible, laptops can be refurbished and bestowed upon teachers in underprivileged schools for lesson preparation and digital teaching, improving teaching efficiency and quality. Likewise desktop computers can be refurbished to establish Green IT Classrooms for underprivileged schools in China.
We look forward to passing on the philanthropy and social responsibility demonstrated by all participants and would also like to thank the American Chamber of Shanghai for their long-term support of our work. Companies that were not able to make it to this event and would still like to support us, can contact us or join our next e-waste drive! Many thanks to all on behalf of Netspring schools and students!

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