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Celebrating the first Sparx* Green IT Classroom opening in Vietnam!


This April, the first Sparx* Green IT Class was inaugurated in a Boarding Center near Ho Chi Minh City, which is a second home to underprivileged students, who cannot attend primary or secondary schools in their home villages. Many of them come from minorities in the mountainous provinces and are thus offered the possibility to be educated in the city.

On a very sunny day, energetic volunteers taught students some IT skills and also carried out joyful outdoor activities with the students. The latter were offered many other gifts, of which the most important was the caring attention of the visitors, which enlightened the students’ day, with joyful games, passing on happiness, warmth and laughter.

We are thankful for the borderless opportunities offered to these students, who can now more easily communicate with their families, widen their horizons and access precious knowledge.

This is indeed a valuable example of how to walk the Tech4Good talk!