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PwC Launched its Distance Volunteering program in 3 schools



PwC has established three Green IT Classrooms in Sichuan Province in migrants’ and rural schools where the principals requested Netspring teams to offer students additional courses to enrich their curriculum. Hence, in order to fulfill their needs and adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, PwC had made detailed plans of distance volunteering to support our students on an array of topics throughout this April and May.


Our students actively participated in the distance classes and showed great interest in all topics, such as for example, PowerPoint making and English stories. We thank the volunteers for their great support and look forward to doing more in this field with them.Thank you for making a difference for a better education for our children during all these past years!


“The design of the course content is very fulfilling and well-organized, and students listened very carefully. I am very grateful to all the teachers and Netspring team for keeping bringing new experiences to our students.”

Principal, Nanchong School