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On the Road for Owens Corning Volunteering Activities:Shanghai, Guangzhou and Suzhou

Owens Corning Service and Volunteer Day in Shanghai
The Owens Corning (OC) Global Finance Operations & Reporting (GFOR) Team volunteered gave back to their local communities around the world in a variety of ways. In 2021, OC Shanghai GFOR volunteers devoted their time to have a series of meaningful activities. Particularly worth noting is a new activity on the key topic of Carbon Neutrality which was held in a migrant school in Shanghai partnering with Netspring.
In the past five years, thanks to Netspring and its well-built Green IT Programs which meet the needs of our communities, Owens Corning China has been able to implement our sustainable development goals whilst serving our communities. We have helped more than 5,000 children of migrant schools in different factory locations. There is nothing more gratifying and rewarding than seeing students access to computers and accumulate IT and environmental knowledge. Their future is promising, together we can make their future even better!
— Yana Liu, Owens Corning Asia Pacific Communications


The 2nd Owens Corning Green IT Classroom in Guangzhou was opened in Dec., 2021

The Guangzhou Owens Corning school has reached 2000 students and thus needed a second Green IT Class, besides the existing one. It was installed in December together with Owens Corning volunteers activities with the students.


“We really appreciate Owens Corning and Netspring great support to help us build up the 2nd IT classroom which could serve more students for digital learning.” 

__Teacher Zhang, Owens Corning Guangzhou Green IT Class


Celebrating New Year - Owens Corning Volunteering Activity in Suzhou

Owens Corning volunteers from Suzhou and Changzhou also celebrated the New Year with students of its Green IT Classroom in Suzhou on Dec. 23rd, 2021. The principal of the school is highly keen to welcome external volunteering activities to bring new knowledge and horizons to their students. The joyful kids delivered their hand-made new year greeting cards to volunteers, teachers, family members and friends.


“This kind of volunteering activity is really meaningful, by collaborating with Netspring for so many years, the Owens Corning Green IT Classes have brought benefits to thousands of migrant students. I am proud to have contributed to benefit the kids.”

__Owens Corning volunteer