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May 2022 : Celebrating International Children’s Day with Students Creative Digital Works and Distance Activities

Today, on the occasion of the International Children's Day on June 1, Shanghai, which was strictly controlled in the past two months, welcome the gradual re-opening of the city. Our teams there have fought the "epidemic" hand in hand to continue serving our schools. Though our volunteers stayed at home, their hearts were with the students thousands of miles away. In order to actively respond to the epidemic, Netspring and PwC volunteers once again launched the 2nd distance volunteering sessions, bringing children specially customized and creative "cloud classrooms" in this April, effectively empowering migrant students and left-behind children in mountainous areas.
Also, this April and May, our students of Sparx* Green IT Classroom in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City participated in our first creative and digital painting with the theme of "Protecting the Blue Planet". Congratulations to all our young artists !
Finally, our annual Earth Day e-waste recycling drive co-organized by AmCham Shanghai and Netspring Green IT Programs was rescheduled to August 26 (Friday), due to the local epidemic control.
Here, we wish all of our students a happy International Children's Day, may light brightens your eyes, hope your hearts, and we wish you a great success in your future!
PwC distance volunteering courses: May the students keep learning like the sun rises
With continuous support from PwC, a company with a high sense of social responsibility, Netspring team developed distance activities for students adapt to current situation of Covid-19 influence. After the volunteering training by Netspring and sound preparation by PwC, the 2nd distance volunteering activity was kicked off on April 10 and will continue until June. 
In addition to the basic computer courses, in order to expand the knowledge of left-behind children and migrant children, volunteers have tailor made a few new course topics such as Traditional Music and English Dialogue, which were loved by the students who couldn’t learn from normal classes. 
More than 300 students from 2 PwC schools were involved in the distance learning courses of PowerPoint, Digital Painting and Environmental Protection, plus English Storytelling, and the students have shown great adaptation and participation in all the distance classes. Students were able to follow different class topics and contents. In some English classes, fun activities coordinated by the volunteer teachers aroused students’ enthusiasm. They actively responded and joyfully cooperated with each other. Due to their excellent performance, every student in Class 5, Grade 5 received creative bookmarks as an award from the volunteers in the painting course. 
Students really enjoyed all the classes you arranged and loved every teacher who taught them. They especially loved Fun English, IT, and Digital Painting, and they have made progress. We hope the pandemic situation will improve so that the students could continue their classes at the school.”

- Principal of Nanchong School, PwC Green IT Class

We thank all the teachers and volunteers from PwC for the great support in the past two months. You all have always shown patience and a warm smile while distance activities. Thank you for your heart and devotion in bringing the children better educational experiences.
"Protecting the Blue Planet" Competition from Sparx* Green IT Classroom Students
In April and May this year, the students of Sparx* Green IT Classroom in Vietnam participated in the creative computer and painting activity with the theme of "Protecting the Blue Planet", where we would like to share some of the children's works and how they see our planet with their children’s eyes.


Save the NEW date: August 26 (Friday), 2022 for our annual e-waste recycling drive co-organized by AmCham Shanghai and Netspring Green IT Programs.


E-waste Drive in Shanghai

All members and non-members are welcome to drop off obsolete computers and electronics during the event. Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation on-site with their contributions.

Time:     August 26th, 2022 (Friday), 9:30-16:00

Venue:   AmCham Shanghai Conference Center (Xintiandi), 27/F, Infinitus Tower, No. 168 Hubin Road, Shanghai


After registration, an equipment handover list will be sent to you, which should be sent back filled to Jenny Wang at no later than one week before the event day


2022 AmCham YRD (Suzhou/Nanjing/Hangzhou) Annual E-waste Drive

All AmCham members and non-members are welcome to register for this event by Friday, August 26, and the Suzhou Center will welcome the drop-off of obsolete computers and electronics on a separate date (TBD) depending on the registration. 


After registration, an equipment handover list will be sent to you, which should be sent back filled to Tianyu Ye at no later than Friday, August 26.


We look forward to your participation! If any questions, please write to or call us at +86 (21) 6510 9063. 


Think and Act Green Anytime

Do you have old computers or unwanted e-waste of all sorts*?
Don't simply discard them!
With Netspring, you can make them at good use for schools and communities in need and help protecting the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

Wish to know more, support or learn about volunteering opportunities? 
please contact us
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* except mercury-containing fluorescent tube