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Netspring Made Contribution to Learning Bridge for Supporting Special Education Needs (SEN) Youth in Hong Kong

On October 21st, 2022, the contribution and acceptance ceremony was successfully held in Hong Kong on which Netspring handed-over four refurbished computers to Learning Bridge. Glendy Choi, the founder of Learning Bridge, awarded a certificate of gratitude to Vivian Fung, the representative of Netspring on the ceremony. These computers will be used to support Special Education Needs (SEN) youth’s internship and office work for LBHUB* project of Learning Bridge. After reaching expiration date, the computers will also be eco-friendly dismantled.


Learning Bridge is a Hong Kong registered NGO, with mission to help young adults with SEN to connect with the community and prepare them for the real-life working environment with confidence. It serves as a link from youth to a meaningful adulthood. 


Remarks of *: LBHUB – Provides an internship and employment base for IT-related jobs for SEN youth to integrate into the workplace in the intelligent era.