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Netspring and UPS China E-Waste & Book Drive on International Recycling Day

Following our partnership with UPS Shanghai Community Involvement Committees (CIC) last year to collect e-waste from CIC members at its various locations, this year we partnered with UPS China again to launch a pop-up event in its office building on International Recycling Day (May 17th, 2023), aiming to collect obsolete electronic devices, spare books, sporting goods, etc. from employees for sustainable reuse and to support migrant schools in or near Shanghai. 50 UPS employees handed in 220 items of e-waste and books, for a total of 302 volunteer hours converted according to the relevant categories. All renewable electronic items collected will support Netspring Green IT Programs. 


Thanks to UPS China and all our partners, without your great support, our programs could not continuously help huge number of underprivileged students and generated profound impact.