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“The Blue Planet in the Eyes of Children” Student Art Competition held in HK for the 1st time. Award ceremony at the Zero Carbon Park, Kowloon.

The competition was organized by Netspring and Maverlinn to encourage young children to showcase their digital and creative talents. The award ceremony was held on 11th May at Zero Carbon Park, along with the students’ art exhibition which is the first time in Hong Kong. We get to see a brand-new interpretation of our beloved planet through the eyes of children.


Congratulations to all students who participated and special thanks to the winners for contributing recycled computers through Netspring Green IT Classroom Project to 2 mainland schools. Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the strong support of Bamboo International and Zero Carbon Park for this event! 


Gold Award for traditional Painting, Primary & Secondary School


Gold Award for digital Painting, Primary & Secondary School



It’s a park with net zero carbon emissions to operate as ultimate goal. It also serves as an exhibition, education and information center. The CIC-ZCP generates on-site renewable energy from photovoltaic panels and a tri-generation system using biofuel made of waste cooking oil and target to achieve zero net carbon emissions on an annual basis. Beyond the common definition of a zero carbon building, CIC-ZCP exports surplus energy to offset embodied carbon of its construction process and major structural materials.