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The First Grundfos Green IT Classroom Founded in Handan

With the summer breeze, Grundfos Green IT Classroom was successfully unveiled on June 20th, 2023 at Situanzhen Middle School in Quzhou County, which is under the historic city of Handan. Netspring and this countryside school connected two years ago, most of the students in the school are left-behind children. Our partnership with Grundfos began last year, after two parties’ best endeavors, we fulfilled the dreams of children and teachers finally and built a bridge of information for students to step into the future. This green IT classroom embodies the love and unremitting efforts of Grundfos' leaders and staffs, and also involves the high expectations of hardworking teachers to rural students.
On the day of the opening ceremony, volunteers from Grundfos and Netspring also contributed sports goods and stationeries to the school. The students performed Tai Chi and sang their own school song "Cradle in Tuan" with big passion for all participants. Every classic movement and every innocent singing conveys gratitude, as well as happiness and warmth. 
After the ceremony, volunteers from Grundfos and Netspring delivered the creative classes, involving digital painting, environmental protection and fun handicrafts. Mr. Hong, Leader of Corporate Strategy of Grundfos China, and Ms. Qin from Netspring team shared the "Different Life - Water Saving Solution" with students through vivid courseware, videos and real cases in rural areas, the seeds of environmental protection and water conservation were planted in the students' hearts. Mr. Zhang, Leader of Grundfos China IT, with rich volunteering teaching experience, enlightened the students on digital painting learning through Q&A interaction session. This activity enriched the children’s knowledge beyond their normal classes. Finally, taught by Mr. Zhang, the students learned how to make a folded-paper cranes and wrote their thoughts and greeting on it which would be brought back to Shanghai by volunteers, so that Grundfos employee could also feel the wishes of children thousands of miles away.
“In addition to studying, I usually help my family with farm work when I go back at weekends. My parents always struggle for working outside. I hope that I could improve my family situation with my capability and contribute to society in the future. The volunteering teachers taught us how to find the knowledge that we eager to learn through the relevant searching engine in the IT Class. I think it was very helpful to me, and I am very grateful to them.”
_Student from Grundfos Green IT Classroom in Situan Middle School
“The installation of the green IT classroom is timely for us. Teachers no longer have to borrow computers, and students can explore outside world through the Internet. We are deeply touched, and will cultivate every child into a sunny and intelligent one in the new era. It is you who sow the seeds of love into the hearts of children, and it is you who provide a platform for our children's growth and development! ”
_Inspector Teacher from Grundfos Green IT Classroom in Situan Middle School
We would like to thank all our supporters. In the future, we will continue to promote public awareness of social responsibility and environmental protection and work with all of you to create a healthier, more inclusive and sustainable world through social innovation and entrepreneurship. New collaboration with Grundfos will be revealed in Sept. 2023, please stay tuned for more information!