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E-waste Recycling Drive, Virtuos is in Action

With the rapid development of science and technology, the increasing amount of e-waste poses a great threat to the environment and human health. However, in fact, e-waste contains a wealth of recyclable substances, including precious metals, plastics, glass and other renewable materials. Therefore, garbage sorting and recycling are of great significance for environmental protection and resource regeneration.


This summer, Virtuos Chengdu and Xi’an Studio both held an e-waste recycling drive, calling on studio employees to recycle electronic products that are no longer in use, and donate these products to environmental factories for eco-dismantling. On June 13, Virtuos Chengdu studio volunteers went to Changhong Green Environmental Science and Technology Co., LTD., On August 18, a group of volunteers from Xi’an studio went to Shaanxi Anxin CRT Recycling Processing Application Co., LTD., to prepare the electronic waste items donated by employees and a batch of waste computer hosts eliminated from the production line for environmental protection treatment here, and to visit and learn the recycling and dismantling of electronic waste.

This event is part of the long-term partnership between Virtuos and Netspring Green IT Classroom Programs, which aims to protect the environment and improve educational resources in underprivileged areas. Creating greater value for the society has always been the mission and value advocated and practiced by Virtuos, hoping to create more positive energy for the society.


We are especially grateful to Virtuos for its strong support to Netspring over the years! We will keep our mission in mind, continue to pass on the concept of green environmental protection, promote the activities of protecting our planet and strive to create a better world!