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“My Life in Green” - launch of Student Digital Art Competition

This year, the theme of the Franco-Chinese month of the Environment is "Living Differently". Milan Kundera has a novel called "Life Elsewhere". "Living Differently" can be interpreted as "the expectation of another different life". Different from tall buildings and car exhaust, our expectation for "different life" is a green home, is "My life in Green". Netspring team encourages students to create around life in green and environmental issues. The purpose of the activity is to stimulate children's imagination and creativity, and cultivate their ability to think independently, understand the world and solve problems.


In order to further promote the activity, Netspring team organized a volunteer activity in collaboration with Virtuos who sent volunteers to visit a migrant school in Xi’an on September 15, 2023. During this visit, the volunteers closely interacted with the fourth and fifth grade students, not only guided them with digital paintings, but also did handicraft, and shared a happy activity moment with the children.


Did you know? Knowledge about Garbage Sorting

In order to achieve a "life in green", garbage sorting is essential. The volunteers shared the knowledge about garbage sorting during handicraft class. Garbage is usually sent to a storage yard and then to landfills. Landfill not only wastes a lot of land resources (1t of waste needs an area of about 3m3), but also the seepage from landfill would easily pollute the surrounding soil and water. The cost of landfill is very high, up to 200 to 300 yuan per ton.

We often ignore garbage sorting in our daily life, but it is indispensable and is closely related to environment protection. The children then made some wooden trash cans contribute to garbage sorting in their own way.